Our Clients

Three fundamental principles guide our daily and long-term goals, each a result of a collaborative effort of everyone in the firm.

The first is our Statement of Purpose, which expresses the reason we are here: We exist to be valuable to our clients, our people and our community.

The second is our mission statement, which reflects our common goals and motivation for service: We have a passionate commitment to responsive, personal service.

The third is our Values Statement, which acts as our compass. It establishes eight key tenets: Clients, People, Excellence, Integrity, Perpetuity & Leadership, Growth, Profits and Partnership. You will find expressions of our values throughout our web site, but most importantly in your work with us.

If, at the end of the day we can look at each of these three principles and feel confident that we served our clients, our people and our community in the way our mission and values say we will, we are doing our job.